Outdoor Mirror Installations Reflect Our Connection to the World Around Us

Iranian artist Shirin Abedinirad installs mirrors in unexpected places to explore our relationship with nature. Her imaginative exhibitions have sprouted around the world—from Italy to Australia to Iran—in various and exciting forms, like an open door trapped in the sand or reflective stepping stones leading a path across the desert.

“For me, the use of mirrors is integral to creating a paradise,” Abedinirad explains on her website. “Mirrors give light, an important mystical concept in Persian culture.” Her installation Heaven on Earth features a symmetrical geometric composition of mirrors across a staircase in Treviso, Italy. Its clever positioning offers several disparate images to us—some transform the way we view ourselves while others magnify the sky and sun onto a gray concrete space.

In addition to her static mirror installations, Abedinirad explores interactive art in her shifting tiered sculpture titled Babel Tower. This glimmering installation is capable of different movements depending on its environment. When placed in a city, the mirrored tower will react to the audience, and when positioned in a natural environment, it will move according to the weather conditions. “This interactive installation is giving a transformative image of the world by decomposing it into parts and recomposing it into a new union,” Abedinirad says.